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Daya Charan and Company are in collaboration with HBXG company of China for the dealership of new technology elevated sprocket Bulldozer in India. We provide various value-added services such as skilled operators for efficient operations, on site repairs and maintenance facilities for uninterrupted services on 24 X 7 basis.

More powerful engines, better tracks, more dependable drive tracks, raised lodges and rather than the standard link operations, water driven arms were a portion of the imperative changes incorporated into the bulldozer advancement. More exact edge control was made conceivable by pressure driven frameworks.  At the point when gear was expected to execute huge scale earth works, a few greater models were made by different designing firms. These machines were loud, substantial and effective and that is the place it got its name “bulldozer”. Matching up with the requirements of our clients, we are involved in offering HBXG Sd8n, Sd7n, SD7K, Ty165-3, Sd5k New Bulldozer.

sd8n new Bulldozer

For each segment we have a particular machine with varied attachments.

  • SD5K Bulldozer – 132 HP, Weight – 13 Tons
  • TY165-3 Bulldozer – 165 HP, Weight – 18 Tons
  •  SD7N Bulldozer – 248 HP, Weight – 24 Tons
  •  SD7K Bulldozer – 230 HP, Weight – 26 Tons
  •  SD8N Bulldozer – 345 HP, Weight – 32 Tons



Product Description:
The Dozer is power shifted transmission.
Semi-rigid suspension and hydraulic controls.
Modular design features easy to repair and maintain.
Environment friendly hydraulic system features energy saving and high efficiency.
Ergonomically designed operating system is easy to operation.
Electric monitoring ROPS cabin offers operator safe and comfortable environment.
It is an ideal machine for the project in telecom, desert, oil field, power, mining and other large earth moving projects.
Multi types of working attachments are well matched with machine for you varies of requirements, such as U shape blade, straight tilting blade, angle blade, coal pushing blade, single shank ripper, three shanks ripper.

sd9 BulldozerSD5K Bulldozer

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