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Bulldozer, usually called as dozer, is a powerful tractor used to move piling earth and rock and it is most use for construction equipment in the world. Bulldozer, while often thought of as heavy machinery, actually refers to as a Dozer bladed tractor. The blades are for pushing large quantities of sand, rubble, soil or construction works. At the rear, dozers are equipped with rippers (claw-like devices) for loosening compacted soil and rocks.

Basic Safety Tips in Bulldozer Operations:

  • Only qualified, competent and trained workers should be allowed to operate and ride on bulldozers.
  • Operators must always use seatbelts when riding or operating the bulldozer.
  • Start the engine only when seated on the operator’s seat and when the path is clear of workers, objects and other obstructions.
  • Laborers must take after legitimate lockout, blockout and tagout techniques, particularly when a bulldozer need repairs.
  • Use a system of traffic controls when operating the bulldozer on a public thoroughfare or in an area close to vehicle traffic.
  • Flaggers must be assigned in areas where warning signs and barricades cannot control traffic flow.
  • Keep bulldozers away from overhead power lines.
  • Before operations, qualified faculty must test if the manual cautioning gadget (horn) of the bulldozer works.
  • The bulldozer must also be equipped with an automatic back-up alarm that can be heard through the whole worksite.
  • The bulldozer must be equipped with rollover protection structures (ROPS).
  • Never climb on parts of the machine where hand and foot holds are not provided.
  • Be doubly cautious when approaching or operating near trenches or excavations.
  • Never use the bulldozer on structures that are taller than the bulldozer itself, unless there is sufficient overhead protection.

Bulldozers are common machinery in engineering projects. Due to increased demand for bulldozers from the mining and construction industries, there has been an increase in the number of manufacturing bulldozers.

Bulldozer Hire

The following are some bulldozer we Offer:

Model Make Engine HP Blade Size (MM) Operation Weight
D4-D CATERPILLAR 75 HP 3048 X 762 9 TON
D6G CATERPILLAR 85 HP 3050 X 840 10 TON
BD50 BEML 90 HP 3350 X 855 11 TON
D7 CATERPILLAR 140 HP 3650 X 920 14 TOP
D8 CATERPILLAR 180 HP 4260 X 1080 20 TON
BD80 BEML 180 HP 4260 X 1080 21.5 TON
BD120 BEML 285 HP 4570 X 1220 27.5 TON
BD155 BEML 324 HP 4850 X 1140 36 TON

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